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E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can assist you while you pedal. Our E-bikes have 5 different levels of pedal assistance if you need that extra boost up a steep incline.  The motor creates energy to make your ride enjoyable.  It is the best of both worlds, allowing you to get a workout if you want or just relax and take in all the beautiful scenery that the Black Hills has to offer.


Bringing the Road Less Traveled Closer

Experience some of the very best Black Hills scenery as you glide along effortlessly with the wind in your hair! Rent an e-bike from Gold Rush EBike and explore the wild and scenic Mickelson Trail. You’ll begin your adventure at the northernmost point on the 109-mile State Park, which runs through the heart of Black Hills Gold mining county. Ride along the crystal clear waters that once held gold, and the hopes and dreams of thousands of brave miners who flocked to the Deadwood area in the 1870s. Meander through thick ponderosa pine forests and glide with ease up the inclines with the assist of your electric mountain your sweating for the poker tables in Deadwood! Get as little or as much of a workout as you wish. Lean into the thumb throttle assist and save your energy to take in all the backcountry beauty and wildlife. Our bikes can be rented for an hour to see the historic city of downtown Deadwood in style, or choose a two hour rental, hit the trail, and experience what truly makes the Black Hills special. Our bikes work well for riders from 5'3 to 6'3 up to 300 lbs. We'll show you everything you've been missing!

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