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All Terrain -ebike

Fat tire

Built to handle any road (or lack thereof) The Koa Rev makes your on-and-off-roading a comfortable ride. A 46-mile battery range can handle even the longest of trips. Assisted start technology makes awkward start and stops a thing of the past, and a 20 MPH top speed with extra stable, Fat 26 x 4.0 tires allow you to conquer any terrain on the way to your adventure. ​ On-road precision. Off-road performance. All-around comfort. From everyday neighborhood cruising to adventuring off-road, Koa Rev is the ultimate down-for-anything ride. This e-bike can handle any terrain like a champ and look good while doing it. Equipped with fat, grippy tires to soak up bumps and cracks in the road and a powerful motor to propel you to new heights, you’ll never get tired of riding. ​ ​ ​

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